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The Firm

The Firm

RTR ABOGADOS & ASOCIADOS is a Law Firm providing multiple services in different areas of Law, recognized by clients and entrepreneurs as the innovative company that not only looks for the new solutions but also, their success in the marketplace; this approach has allowed us to be a leader Firm in the most important branches of law such are Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative and Urban Law, Misdemeanour Law, Civil and Family Law, Labour Law, Copyright and Intellectual Property Law, Sport Law and the Law for the Protection of New Technologies.

Our performances and aims to reach international levels, and combining collective efforts of great entrepreneurs, allows us to be the first choice for any solution of any kind of legal dispute.

Our firm also has a variety of partners at national and international level, with high qualities and profiles of professional training and experience that allow us to meet our commitments.

Intellectual Property Department

In addition to areas of general practice law, RTR ABOGADOS & ASOCIADOS, counts with the Intellectual Property Department, which is focused on advising, representing and providing a professional company to our clients in all needs related to any aspect of this branch of law.

The Intellectual Property Department, provides our clients with an integrate legal service, starting with identification of intangible assets and negotiation of them, consultancy about the preventive measures to be taken as well as representation in legal disputes in all areas of Intellectual Property Law, such are Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Plant Varieties, Right of Copyright in Software and other intellectual creations, Law of Publicity, Entertainment and Sport Law among others.

The Intellectual Property Department performs audits of Intellectual Property, through which prepares a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the protection as well as a whole plan of recommendations to enhance the competitiveness and development of the company through the proper use of its intangible assets as a tool for the business development.

The group of professionals of the Intellectual Property Department counts with necessary professional preparation and experiences for both, the individuals seeking to protect their intellectual creations and business schemes, and the entities for whom the correct decision in all questions related to the Intellectual Property means a key element for a greater competitiveness in the respective market.

About us

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