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Industrial Property Law

Industrial Property Law

While intangible assets represent the main value of each business and the innovation the most significant source for the progress of the society, its creation, development and marketing generally requires high investment in both human capital and economic resources. The right management of the Industrial Property Rights plays therefore the fundamental role for the prompt function of each business.

Our team of experts provides our clients with the comprehensive services, among others:

  • Protection of New Creations (Patents, Utility Models, etc…)
  • Global Strategy in Protection of Distinctive Signs (Trademarks, Slogans, Commercial names and Slogans)
  • Analysis of the Registrability of a Distinctive Sign
  • Protection of the corporate image through the system of Trade dress
  • Protection of Industrial Designs
  • Geographical Indication
  • Drafting and Negotiation of Licenses
  • Technology Transfers Contract
  • Preparation and Implementation of Franchises
  • Legal Advice in Competition Law
  • Legal Analysis of Advertisement
  • Valuing of Intangible Assets

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