Copyright law

Copyright Law plays the key role in the promotion of creativity and human knowledge in all areas of the society. But the lack of information about such branch of law causes the permanent problem among the artists of how to reach the relevant remuneration for the work. In this sense, our experts not only assist its clients in legal disputes, but also teach them how to use its intangible assets in an effective way.

In Copyright Law, we offer the assistance in the following services:

  • Protection of Literary, Artistic and Scientific Works
  • Legal advice to Collective Rights Management Societies
  • Drafting of Internal Policies in Copyright and Related Rights
  • Copyright in Labour Law
  • Legal Advice in Production and Management of Cultural Projects through the Entertainment Law
  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Protection of Software
  • Legal Protection of know how
  • Preparations and Filing of Legal Actions against the plagiarism
  • Claiming of Patrimonial Rights

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